Our optical center carries hundreds of frames with styles, shapes, and prices to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you’re looking for something lightweight, extra-durable, bold, simple, or flexible, we have it. Here are just some of the brands we carry.

Bebe Seiko Nine West
Nike Dana Bachman Vera Wang
Columbia Flexon Ted Baker
Silhouette Red Paris Nautica
Timex Modo Tura


We carry frames from over fifty different vendors, including children’s frames, frames for safety, and sunglasses. Contact us to speak with one of our opticians today to find out what kind of frame is right for you.

Lens Types

Of course, the frame is only half of what goes into making a pair of glasses. The most important part is the lens. The lenses are what you look through every day to give you crisp, clear vision, and we make it our priority to offer the highest quality products available on the market. Whether you’re near- or farsighted, shopping for your toddler, teen or are in your 20’s, 40’s, 60’s or older, we have just the right lens to help you see your best.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

We have recently added the Sync 5 and Sync 8 by Hoya, which are anti-fatigue lenses that reduce eyestrain and headaches by helping you focus more comfortably throughout your day. These lenses are especially helpful for those who are in their late 20s and 30s who do a lot of work on a screen.

Progressive Lenses (No-Line Bifocals)

For those over 40 who now need a little extra help with reading, we carry a wide selection of progressive addition lenses. We are proud to be able to offer both Varilux and Hoya products to give you an even better selection.

Our selection includes Hoya’s iD lifestyle 2 Clarity, for those of you in your 40s looking for your first pair of progressives, as well as the iD lifestyle 2 Harmony, the freeform design for the experienced progressive wearer. We also carry the Hoya Amplitude, an economy progressive lens.

The Varilux Physio is a great lens for farsighted people, while the Varilux Physio Enhanced is a digitally resurfaced lens which provides greater viewing for those who are nearsighted. We have also recently added the Varilux X series–the ultimate in reasonably priced progressive lenses, and we also carry the Varilux Comfort, the most popular lens in North America.

Bifocals and Trifocals

These types of lenses have two or three prescriptions within the lens to correct your vision. A distinct line in the lens indicates where the prescription changes. These lenses are helpful for presbyopes looking at wide areas.

Lens Materials


The most commonly used lens material in our office is polycarbonate. These lenses are thinner, lightweight, filter UV light, and are impact resistant. Polycarbonate is ideal for most prescriptions. 


Plastic lenses are lighter than glass, somewhat impact resistant, and very affordable.

High-Index Plastic

High index plastic provides a thinner lens for patients with strong prescriptions. This material helps reduce the bulk and weight of the glasses. It is also the material of choice for rimless frames.


Trivex lenses are very light, durable and have great clarity. They block UV light and are a great alternative to those sensitive to polycarbonite lenses.


Crizal’s Prevencia and Hoya’s Recharge are two relatively new products to the market that not only are scratch resistant and drastically reduce glare, but also help filter out harmful blue light emitted from computers, tablets, and smartphones. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation recommends blue blocking lenses to limit light exposure and to reduce the development of macular degeneration.1

Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses darken when you go outside and lighten when you return indoors, and these special lenses are now available in many new options. XtraActive is a version of the Transitions line that now actually darkens inside the car. Another great option to consider when looking for added sun protection is Transitions Vantage, polarized lenses that help cut glare from the sun when you go outside. The Transitions lenses are also now available in graphite green in addition to the standard grey and brown.

Chemistrie Clips

Not a fan of Transitions lenses? Try Chemistrie Clips. These one-of-a-kind magnetic sunglass clips are custom made to fit your glasses in any of several polarized lens color options and available in classic sun lenses, front-side mirrored sport lenses, and gradient color lenses. For an added touch of bling, we offer 12 different Swarovski crystal colors to choose from. Try a Chemistrie Clip today and experience the ease of prescription sun protection. We can also add prescription to your Chemistrie Clip for additional power for near tasks.

Sports Wear

Do you play sports? Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Be sure to check out our Rec Specs we carry from Liberty Sport. Over 600,000 sports eye injuries occur each year, more than 90% of which can be prevented by using protective eyewear.2 Whether you play baseball, soccer, golf, or enjoy skiing, swimming, or riding your motorcycle, we offer glasses specifically designed to meet your active needs and keep your eyes safe. Sport retention straps help hold the frame in place, and industrial strength lenses resist the impact of whatever may be coming at your face. Additionally, we can add anti-reflective coatings to reduce glare, and Transitions lenses for those bright sunny days. From prescription snow goggles with high contrast lenses and cushioned gaskets to block out the wind and snow, to prescription swim goggles to give you your clearest underwater vision, we can meet all of your sports’ needs.