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Dr. Jerry Barcelow O.D. and Eye Care For You

A second generation family practice, Eye Care For You actually dates back to around 1920 when Dr. Laurence P. Folsom started a storefront optometry practice in South Royalton. Following his unexpected death in 1956, Albert Barcelow moved to Vermont and resumed the practice following his graduation from the Pennsylvania School of Optometry.

In 1981, son Jerry Barcelow joined his father in serving the eye care needs of the community and took over the business in 1983 upon Dr. Albert's retirement. Since that time Dr. Barcelow has built one of the region's leading eye care and eyewear centers drawing customers from throughout the surrounding communities. In 1990, Dr. Barcelow purchased the optical unit of Gifford Medical Center in Randolph adding full optometry services to the optical store. In 1998, he combined both practices into one spacious new building conveniently located on Route 107 in Royalton -- just off Interstate 89.

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A graduate of New England College of Optometry in Boston, Dr. Barcelow is well respected in the field and a prominent member of the area's medical community. He is past vice president, president elect and president of the Vermont Optometry Association and has served as Vermont's representative on the New England Council of Optometrists.

Third Dr. Barcelow Joins Practice

By Martha Slater from The Randolph Herald 8/27/09

Dr. Dean Barcelow became the third generation of his family to care for the eyes of people in the South Royalton area when he recently joined the practice of his father, Dr. Jerry Barcelow, at Eye Care for You on Route 107 in Royalton.

Dr. Albert E. Barcelow, who was Jerry's dad and Dean's grandfather, began an optometry practice on the green in South Royalton, and had an office there from 1957-83. Jerry joined his dad at that office in 1981 and took over the practice two years later. Albert died in 2003.

In 1998, Jerry built the present Eye Care for You facility, where Dean's mother, Nancy, and his wife, Heather (whom he met during his high school years at Blue Mountain), also work.

"Dean has a lot of his grandfather in him and enjoyed spending time with him when he was growing up and he probably influenced him more than I did," Jerry commented.

A 2001 graduate of the Blue Mountain Academy in Hamburg, Penna., Dean earned a bachelor's degree in business, with a science emphasis, from Union College in Lincoln, Nebr. in 2005, then got a B.S. in visual science and his doctorate in optometry in 2009 from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Elkins Park, Penna. That was also his grandfather's alma mater.

"When I was there, I found two bricks and a plaque with his name on them," Dean recalled proudly.

It looks like the practice will become even more of a family affair when Dean's younger sister, Rebecca, who is now in her second year at the New England College of Optometry in Boston (where coincidentally, her father graduated from), earns her O.D. and joins the office.

For the next year, Dean will work full-time at the V.A. Hospital in White River Junction and be at Eye Care for You every Tuesday. Starting next summer, he expects to join his dad full-time.

"I always wanted to be a doctor, but I was never going to do optometry," Dean said. "Obviously, I changed my mind about that! It's gotten bigger and broader since my grandpa and my dad began and the liability insurance is a lot less, plus people tend to not be truly sick when they get here. I like working with people and we're less pressed for time when we see each patient than a medical doctor is."

Now a member of the Vermont Optometric Association, Dean says one reason he's looking forward to practicing with his dad, is because "we'll get to bounce ideas off each other and I can learn from him. What we have to offer as a team is that we have very complementary skills and enjoy working together."

Dean says he particularly likes doing contact lenses, especially multi-focal contacts, and notes that "from working at the V.A. Hospital, I've gotten a lot of experience working with patients who have diseases like diabetes, which affects the small blood vessels in the eye.

Happy to be back home in Vermont, Dean and his wife have recently bought a house on Route 14 and are busy painting and fixing it up.

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